We welcome you to www.amaranthe.ca. By visiting the website and/or placing an order online or purchasing directly from Boutique Amaranthe located in Sutton, you accept the following policies and terms and conditions:

Works of art

This includes wood carvings, ceramics of all kinds and plants


This includes all types of workshops, free or guided, events, everything that takes place at the workshop itself.


When booking a workshop, a credit card number will be requested for full payment of your reservation. Within a period of less than a week before your reservation, the cancellation of the date of your workshop will result in a deduction of 100% of the total price of it plus taxes for each person who cancels. To avoid these costs, we accept that you find other people to take your place in the workshop. Please contact us to give us the names of your replacements: 450 531-3374.

It is important to understand that Amaranthe is a small company that offers a limited number of spaces for rent for its workshops. A cancellation is a major drain on our income. We thank you for your understanding.

This policy applies in the same way in case of change of date of your reservation.

If you cancel one week before your reservation date, we will refund you using the same payment method you used for your reservation.

All refunds are made to the original method of payment


No refund or exchange of merchandise purchased at the store or online, each work being unique in itself.

No cancellation of order unless a special agreement with the artist according to where it is made in its process.

In the case of a special order, if the customer is not satisfied with the work he has ordered, we take back the work which must be returned to us at the purchaser's expense. If the goods are not intact on return, the work will be invoiced in its entirety.

Gift Certificate

Sales of gift certificates are final and cannot be refunded or exchanged.


Shipping costs are charged to the customer in addition to the purchase price.
We take all the packaging care required to ensure the unscathed transport of the goods. We are not responsible if the item does not arrive intact.


Amaranthe has a privacy policy. No personal information will be disclosed to anyone, except during the transactional process to obtain authorization from the credit card issuer or in cases where it is required by law.


All transactions carried out on the www.amaranthe.ca site are carried out on a server secured by SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) in order to prevent any interception of data during the transfer of data between your computer and the server.


Our netiquette is a charter defining the rules of conduct, politeness and propriety that apply to all of our web platforms. Amaranthe's netiquette is based on values of benevolence such as respect for others, tolerance, openness, good manners and politeness. The values that we promote in our traditional communications also apply to the web universe. Thus, rude or hateful comments, racist or sexist remarks as well as inflammatory messages, insults and obscenities will in no case be tolerated on our platforms. Comments that go against our netiquette will be removed and users possibly blocked from our platforms.